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This Week Economic Calendar, October 24 – 28, 2016

This Week’s Global Market Moving Events

Monday, October 24, 2016

Time *CurrencyEventsConsensusPrevious
23:50JPYTrade Balance (JPY) Sep0.21T0.41T
00:30JPYPMI Manufacturing Oct P50.650.4
07:00EURFrance Manufacturing PMI Oct P5049.7
07:00EURFrance Services PMI Oct P5353.3
07:30EURGermany Manufacturing PMI Oct P54.454.3
07:30EURGermany Services PMI Oct P51.550.9
08:00EUREurozone Manufacturing PMI Oct P52.752.6
08:00EUREurozone Services PMI Oct P52.452.2
10:00GBPCBI Trends Total Orders Oct-5-5
12:30CADWholesale Sales M/M Aug0.30%

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Time *CurrencyEventsConsensusPrevious
08:00EURGerman IFO – Business Climate Oct109.5109.5
08:00EURGerman IFO – Current Assessment Oct114.8114.7
08:00EURGerman IFO – Expectations Oct104104.5
13:00USDHouse Price Index M/M Aug0.50%0.50%
13:00USDS&P/Case-Shiller Composite-20 Y/Y Aug5.10%5.02%
14:00USDConsumer Confidence Oct101104.1
23:50JPYCorporate Service Price Y/Y Sep0.20%0.20%

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Time *CurrencyEventsConsensusPrevious
00:30AUDCPI Q/Q Q30.50%0.40%
00:30AUDCPI Y/Y Q31.10%1.00%
00:30AUDCPI RBA Trimmed Mean Q/Q Q30.40%0.50%
00:30AUDCPI RBA Trimmed Mean Y/Y Q31.70%1.70%
00:30AUDCPI RBA Weighted Median Q/Q Q30.40%0.40%
00:30AUDCPI RBA Weighted Median Y/Y Q31.40%1.30%
06:00EURGerman Import Price Index M/M Sep0.00%-0.20%
06:00EURGerman GfK Consumer Confidence Nov1010
08:30GBP BBA Mortgage Approvals Sep37.3K37.0K
12:30USDAdvance Goods Trade Balance Sep-60.6B-59.2B
12:30USDWholesale Inventories Sep P0.10%-0.20%
14:00USDNew Home Sales Sep590k609k
14:30USDCrude Oil Inventories-5.2M
21:45NZDTrade Balance (NZD) Sep-1125M-1265M

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Time *CurrencyEventsConsensusPrevious
00:30AUDImport Price Index Q/Q Q3-0.80%-1.00%
06:00CHFUBS Consumption Indicator Sep1.53
08:00EUREurozone M3 Y/Y Sep5.10%5.10%
08:30GBPGDP Q/Q Q3 A0.30%0.70%
08:30GBPGDP Y/Y Q3 A2.10%2.10%
08:30GBPIndex of Services 3M/3M Aug0.80%0.60%
10:00GBPCBI Retailing Reported Sales Oct-2-8
12:30USDDurable Goods Orders Sep P0.10%0.10%
12:30USDDurables Ex Transportation Sep P0.20%-0.20%
12:30USDInitial Jobless Claims (OCT 22)261K260k
14:00USDPending Home Sales M/M Sep1.20%-2.40%
14:30USDNatural Gas Storage
23:30JPYUnemployment Rate Sep3.10%3.10%
23:30JPYHousehold Spending Y/Y Sep-2.70%-4.60%
23:30JPYNational CPI Core Y/Y Sep-0.50%-0.50%
23:30JPYTokyo CPI Core Y/Y Oct-0.50%-0.50%

Friday, October 28, 2016

Time *CurrencyEventsConsensusPrevious
00:30AUDPPI Q/Q Q30.10%
00:30AUDPPI Y/Y Q31.00%
07:00CHFKOF Leading Indicator Oct101.8101.3
09:00EUREurozone Economic Confidence Oct104.8104.9
09:00EUREurozone Business Climate Indicator Oct0.460.45
09:00EUREurozone Industrial Confidence Oct-1.6-1.7
09:00EUREurozone Services Confidence Oct1010
09:00EUREurozone Consumer Confidence Oct F-8.3-8
12:00EURGerman CPI M/M Oct P0.10%0.10%
12:00EURGerman CPI Y/Y Oct P0.80%0.70%
12:30USDEmployment Cost Index Q30.60%0.60%
12:30USDGDP (Annualized) Q3 A2.50%1.40%
12:30USDGDP Price Index Q3 A1.30%2.30%
14:00USDU. of Michigan Confidence Oct F88.187.9

* Times of economic data releases are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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