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This Week Economic Calendar, January 16 – 20, 2017

This Week’s Global Market Moving Events

Monday, January 16, 2017

Time *CurrencyEventsConsensusPrevious
23:50JPYMachine Orders M/M Nov-1.40%4.10%
23:50JPYDomestic CGPI M/M Dec0.40%0.40%
00:00AUDTD Securities Inflation M/M Dec0.10%
00:01GBPRightmove House Prices M/M Jan-2.10%
04:30JPYTertiary Industry Index M/M Nov0.20%0.20%
06:00JPYMachine Tool Orders Y/Y Dec P-5.60%
10:00EUREurozone Trade Balance (EUR) Nov20.8B19.7B

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Time *CurrencyEventsConsensusPrevious
00:30AUDHome Loans Nov0.00%-0.80%
04:30JPYIndustrial Production M/M Nov F1.50%1.50%
09:30GBPCPI M/M Dec0.30%0.20%
09:30GBPCPI Y/Y Dec1.40%1.20%
09:30GBPRPI M/M Dec0.40%0.30%
09:30GBPRPI Y/Y Dec2.30%2.20%
09:30GBPPPI Input M/M Dec2.40%-1.10%
09:30GBPPPI Input Y/Y Dec15.50%12.90%
09:30GBPPPI Output M/M Dec0.40%0.00%
09:30GBPPPI Output Y/Y Dec2.90%2.30%
09:30GBPPPI Output Core M/M Dec0.20%0.00%
09:30GBPPPI Output Core Y/Y Dec2.20%2.20%
09:30GBPHouse Price Index Y/Y Nov6.10%6.90%
10:00EURGerman ZEW (Economic Sentiment) Jan18.413.8
10:00EUREurozone ZEW Survey (Economic Sentiment) Jan24.218.1
10:00EURGerman ZEW (Current Situation) Jan6563.5
13:30USDEmpire State Manufacturing Jan8.59
23:30AUDWestpac Consumer Confidence Jan-3.90%

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Time *CurrencyEventsConsensusPrevious
07:00EURGerman CPI M/M Dec F0.70%0.70%
07:00EURGerman CPI Y/Y Dec F1.70%1.70%
09:30GBPJobless Claims Change Dec5.0k2.4k
09:30GBPClaimant Count Rate Dec2.30%2.30%
09:30GBPAverage Weekly Earnings 3M/Y Nov2.60%2.50%
09:30GBPILO Unemployment Rate 3M Nov4.80%4.80%
10:00EUREurozone CPI M/M Dec F0.50%-0.10%
10:00EUREurozone CPI Y/Y Dec F1.10%1.10%
10:00EUREurozone CPI – Core Y/Y Dec F0.90%0.90%
13:30USDCPI M/M Dec0.30%0.20%
13:30USDCPI Y/Y Dec2.10%1.70%
13:30USDCPI Core Y/Y Dec2.20%2.10%
13:30USDCPI Core M/M Dec0.20%0.20%
14:15USDIndustrial Production Dec0.60%-0.40%
14:15USDCapacity Utilization Dec75.40%75.00%
15:00USDNAHB Housing Market Index Jan6970
15:00CADBoC Rate Decision0.50%0.50%
19:00USDFed’s Beige Book
21:00USDNet Long-term TIC Flows Nov21.3B9.4B
21:30NZDBusiness NZ Manufacturing Index Dec54.4
21:45NZDBuilding Permits M/M Nov2.60%

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Time *CurrencyEventsConsensusPrevious
00:00AUDConsumer Inflation Expectation Jan3.40%
00:01GBPRICS House Price Balance Dec30%30%
00:30AUDEmployment Change Dec10k39.1k
00:30AUDUnemployment Rate Dec5.70%5.70%
08:15CHFProducer & Import Prices M/M Dec0.20%0.10%
08:15CHFProducer & Import Prices Y/Y Dec0.10%-0.60%
09:00EUREurozone Current Account (EUR) Nov29.3B28.4B
12:45EURECB Rate Decision0.00%0.00%
13:30CADInternational Securities Transactions (CAD) Nov10.23B15.75B
13:30CADManufacturing Shipments M/M Nov1.00%-0.80%
13:30USDInitial Jobless Claims (JAN 14)251k247k
13:30USDHousing Starts Dec1.19M1.09M
13:30USDBuilding Permits Dec1.22M1.20M
13:30USDPhilly Fed Manufacturing Index Jan1621.5
15:30USDNatural Gas Storage-151B
16:00USDCrude Oil Inventories4.1M

Friday, January 20, 2017

Time *CurrencyEventsConsensusPrevious
02:00CNYGDP Y/Y Q46.70%6.70%
02:00CNYIndustrial Production Y/Y Dec6.10%6.20%
02:00CNYRetail Sales Y/Y Dec10.70%10.80%
02:00CNYFixed Assets Ex Rural YTD Y/Y Dec8.30%8.30%
07:00EURGerman PPI M/M Dec0.40%0.30%
07:00EURGerman PPI Y/Y Dec1.00%0.10%
09:30GBPRetail Sales M/M Dec-0.10%0.20%
13:30CADRetail Sales M/M Nov1.10%
13:30CADRetail Sales Less Autos M/M Nov1.40%

* Times of economic data releases are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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